9 thoughts on “Our Route”

    1. Hi Evgeny, I think we will be in Europe around September 2014. Not sure which country first but definitely France in the middle of the month for a wedding.

  1. LOVE THIS BLOG!!!!!!… Alan – im now on staff for WTC can you believe it?? So psyched for you guys. this is super inspiring.. cant wait to read more!!! Safe travels.
    Happy Trails!

    1. Thanks Damaris! I can definitely believe that since you are a most talented and enthusiastic outdoor adventurer. Your students will be fortunate to have you! I look forward to catching up in person on your JMT conquest.

    1. Thanks so much! Nice blog, yourself. We are hoping to head to Europe in the late summer / fall…I was in Cinque Terre in 1998 but not with the love of my life and Jenni’s never been…your post reminds me why I’m excited to return!

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