“Things are tough all over, cupcake, an’ it rains on the just an’ the unjust alike…except in California.” Alan Moore, Watchmen

Saturday morning, we woke up and re-packed the car (oi – still work in progress, must organize better), and drove up to Hearst Castle.  We took a tour of the Grand Rooms and walked around pools etc. Pretty incredible place. That drive up the hillside is almost worth the exorbitant entry price ($25 a person for a little tour!!). Saw a “wild” zebra on the side of the road a few miles up when driving away (one of the remnants of the Hearst’s private zoo).


 ::hearst castle::

We stopped at a few lookout spots along the way, enjoying the spectacular coastlines, though there was much more fog than the first time I’d traveled this road. Bummer. Stopped for lunch at Whale Watcher Café. Completely missable. Totally overpriced and disappointing food (tourist trap! But we were hungry). Want something that is 100% worth the stop? Elephant seals. All day every day folks. Those big love muffs are fun to look at (and listen to!).


::check out the schnoz on that mister::


::California’s beautiful coastlines – Big Sur::

A little worse for the wear, we arrived in Hillsborough where we welcomed by good friends for the night. Hillsborough has an adorable little town center that reminded me a bit of a college town. Bopping around the sidewalks, we ran into a work acquaintance of Alan’s – small world already. Had dinner at a little take out spot that had salads and sandwiches. Their home was beautiful and sleeping in that bed was heaven on earth. After camping, packing, moving, sleeping on the floor in our bedroom, oi. We were beat and that was the most comfortable place I may have ever slept.

Man I love California.


::hooty liked the view too::

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