Maine and Beyaz

Maine holds such a special place in my heart. Every summer of my life I’ve spent some or all of my time at my family’s cottage in Biddeford. I don’t think there is any spot on this planet that could make me feel as content and happy as I am sitting on the porch in Maine with my family, our dogs, and a glass of good white wine. Of course, a pot of steamers and a lobstah roll bring this scenario to ultimate bliss status.

This particular trip was especially meaningful to me for two reasons. One, it’s likely the last time I’ll be at the Maine house in its current state, as my parents are nearing retirement and realizing their long term dream of redesigning the house for use as their full time home. Second, as many of you know, our beloved family dog Beyaz passed away soon after I left Maine and this was my last time seeing her. She was loved tremendously by all of us, and watching her battle an illness in the last months of her life and ultimately losing her was difficult to say the least. Thank you to everyone who sent kind wishes and thoughts our way. As many of you know, I am a huge dog lover, and Bey-Bey was a member of our family. I can’t do her justice the way my father did, so I’m sharing his eulogy for her below.

Farewell to Beyaz

3/13/2004 – 10/14/2013

After a 6 month bout with Congestive Heart Failure, we said farewell to Beyaz on Monday evening. Beyaz was diagnosed six months ago with a prognosis of 3-6 months. Thanks to Margaret’s superb care with support from the cardiology team at Tufts Veterinary Hospital, we managed to extend her life to the full six months.

Over the years, we had several pets but none of them touched our hearts as Beyaz did. She had a strong emotional connection with her clan and an unforgettable personality. Beyaz followed her mom everywhere, met her dad at front steps every night, loved taking power naps with mom, wrestling with Devin, cuddling with Jenni, sharing a Chobani with dad, and almonds with mom. She always wanted to be with her clan, was happiest when the clan was together, and apprehensive when it was not. She always wanted to pull her weight in household chores by pulling out weeds, and bringing down vines.

Beyaz welcomed every day with excitement. She loved waking up mom and dad with kisses, taking mom and dad for walks, playing goalie in our soccer practice, attacking waves in the beach, trotting with a majestic stance, riding in the car with window down, and eating a salad at dinner. As the chief detective of CSI Conantum, she catalogued every scent in our neighborhood. She did hate thunderstorms, the song “You can’t touch this.”

We did a bucket list for Beyaz when after the initial diagnosis. Unfortunately, we could not check off every item on that list given the rapid deterioration in her physical stamina. Of that list, she did manage to see Jenni to make up for the crying sessions on FaceTime, having her own ice cream bowl at Erikson’s in Stow, sunbathing at our front patio in Maine, …

In her last days when she could hardly walk, she managed to bring her football to Devin and Jenni for play, and didn’t forget to kiss mom and dad.

So farewell Beyaz. You gave us so much love. I hope you knew that we loved you just as much. Rest in peace.

Thank you Dad for the beautiful words.

I’ll address the trip in more detail in another post, but as Bey was such a big part of our lives, I thought this deserved its own post. Since the pictures of her in her last days portray a tired, frail Beyaz, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of her throughout her life. Bey-Bey, my sweet girl, I hope you’re eating lots of (not Jenni sized) bites of delicious food up in dog heaven. We love you and miss you terribly.

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