I Love That Dirty Water

After Maine we went down to Massachusetts for some more time with my family. We stopped by my parents’ house in Concord for a bit, though stayed with my brother Devin in Westford both because Alan is allergic to our cats and because Devin is awesome. He took us to his local sandwich and meat shop called Meat Again, which had an impressive selection of marinated pork, chicken and beef. We picked up sandwiches for lunch and meats to grill up for dinner. If you’re near Westford I highly recommend checking it out, and get the Hawaiian flavored steak tips!

We took the dogs for a walk around Burgess Pond where the foliage was beautiful and the dogs went for a muddy swim in the pond. We had incredible weather – 80’s in October! Later, my parents came over to Devin’s with dessert and wine while Devin cooked up the meats on the grill. Devin’s friends from college joined us afterwards and it was so nice getting to know them, and reminiscing about Ithaca (Devin went to Ithaca College – and we overlapped in the town for a few years).

::handsome boy::
::handsome boy::

Devin, hosting with the mosting, woke up and made us pancakes for breakfast. We drove into Harvard Square and walked around, stopped for lunch at Bartley’s, which is famous for their burgers named after other famed people. They had an “Obamacare” on the menu. Under the description of toppings it read, “nobody knows what’s in it.” The cost: trillions. A sign out front read, “order an Obamacare and we’ll shut down the grill and go home.”

We headed over to Medford and Alan gave us a tour of his alma mater, Tufts. We checked out his fraternity – DTD – where I questioned if they were really the “cool party frat” given the cleanliness of the living room. We were comforted to see a red headed stoner in Alan’s former bedroom. Devin and Alan got in a game of Frisbee on campus as well, which I know brought Alan great pleasure.

::my hubstah in college.. he's changed a touch::
::my hubstah in college.. he’s changed a touch::

We didn’t do much of Boston proper on this trip, but don’t worry Boston you’re still my home.

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