My Best Friend’s Wedding!

Newport, Rhode Island here we come! This was my first time in Newport, an absolutely beautiful city, and I was there to celebrate my best friend’s wedding – talk about a LOVEly weekend! We left early on Friday to try and fit in some more touristy activities in Newport before the bridal festivities began. After checking into the Viking Hotel (which is a beautiful historic brick building where the wedding was held), we went down to Easton Beach and started the cliff walk, which offers views of some of the most famous and beautiful Newport mansions, including Jaimie’s favorite – Rose Cliff. We were surprised to see that part of the walk along the coast was still closed off due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.

We grabbed a quick lunch across the street from the hotel at Le Petit Gourmet – sharing a delicious salad and caprese bruschetta. I rushed off to begin my maid of honor duties before walking over to the rehearsal dinner where I drank a lotta pinot grigio and had a fantastic time catching up with Jaimie, Matt, Kait and Sean, as well as Jaimie’s family and friends. While the boys took Matt out to party quite hardy Jaimie, Kait and I took a pedi-cab back to the hotel for some vino and girl talk in the bridal suite. Our poor guy had to sweat through a huge hill with the three of us in back so we sang the Rocky theme song at the top of our lungs to motivate him. Passerbys approved.

I was up early with the bride and other ladies for a great morning of hair, makeup and lots of mimosas at the salon (meanwhile Alan was crushed and spent the day in bed, just barely making the ceremony). And Jaimie was just the most breathtakingly stunning bride. She could not have looked more perfect! The ceremony was sweet, elevating, a little funny (perfect and fitting for such a funny couple), and to the point.

I met up with Alan and my parents at the cocktail hour, and drank some more pinot grigio to settle my nerves for my first ever wedding toast. Add fear of public speaking to my list, put it up high on there. Though pinot grigio helps boatloads. I hope Jaimie liked it! The party took off from there, and it was of course, a PAR-tay.

Both of us crushed the next morning we barely made it out of the room in time for check out. We got to say a quick goodbye to the happy couple though we had missed brunch at the hotel restaurant. Instead we headed for the drive-through and ordered chicken nuggets for “breakfast” in honor of my nugget loving bff.

I wish I had more and better pictures to share but I was too busy having fun to snap photos. Plus, I leave that to the professionals.

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