The Final Days: Going (going) Back (back) to Cali (cali)

We took the 10 through Arizona, passing through Tucson just enough to see its traffic and the surrounding mountains (which are quite pretty). We felt real fancy staying at the La Quinta in Phoenix after our recent hotel stays because it had indoor hallways and a room that didn’t smell like vomit! Yay! I refuse to tell you where we ate dinner because it’s embarrassing. But it may or may not rhyme with Schblerger Schming. Two nights in a row. I know, we’re gross. I guess the road started wearing on us.

Anyway, we just crashed at the hotel, and got up early for our FINAL TIME on the road again!!! The on ramp to the 10 west listed Los Angeles as the destination. It may as well have said, “Alan and Jenni – home is this away!” Hugeness. We were super amped for our return “home” and to complete the first major leg of our traveling journey, and here’s how we celebrated:

We got in the car and I played “On the Road Again” for the final time.

Then I played Phantom Planet’s “California.” (We’ve been on the run, Driving in the sun, Looking out for number 1. California here we come, Right back where we started from. California! Here we come!). I’d been waiting to play this song on the ride practically since we left LA in the first place.

Then I played Biggie, “Going Back to Cali.”

Then I played the Eagles’ “Hotel California.”

And then Joni Mitchell’s “California.”

And then 2Pac’s “California Love.”

Wilco’s “California Stars.” (shout out to Barbra & Dave!)

And the Mamas and Papas’ “California Dreamin.”

Tristan Prettyman’s “California Girl.”

And then RHCP’s “Californication.”

And then I ran out of California songs on my iPhone.

So then we just got excited for our In N Out and Champagne date in LA. (See the joint post we wrote about finishing up our journey here).

Then we got to Brentwood, and it was literally 75 and sunny. Oh, LA, I love you.


Which brings me to another general observation from this trip – the disdain with which people routinely respond to LA is almost as universal as it is misplaced. Is it jealousy? Ignorance? I don’t know, but what I do know is that Alan and I ADORE this place and it feels good to be home. Not that I’m not excited to leave it again, it’s just so good to know it’s there waiting for us whenever we get back with open arms and sunny blue skies.

We’re spending our time in LA mostly working on catching up on these blogs (new resolution: stay on top of blog posts!!!!!), getting vaccinated like woah, planning what the hell we’re doing in Asia for the next six months, trying to cram six months’ worth of clothes and malaria meds into a backpack, and lots of other loose end tying up. In more fun news, we’re also trying to squeeze in much needed LA friend time, and I was honored to throw a bridal shower for my dear friend Jenny (it was a pink explosion)!

::lots of pink::
::then lots of blogging::
::then lots of blogging::

Also BIG thank you to our amazing friends Jenny & Albert and Mike & Lauren for letting us crash with you!

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